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I wanted to share an amazing story about my 84 year old mother.  About a year ago, she was diagnosed w/COPD and emphysema and "sentenced" to oxygen 24/7.  She did not like being tethered to plastic tubing, and believes in the bodies ability to heal itself.  We did some research and found the Himalayan Salt Inhaler.  She measures her O2 saturation level (via a pulse oximeter) and it always raises after the salt treatment.  Your product combined w/yogic breathing has allowed her to get off oxygen during the day- and only uses it at night.  It's like a miracle.  If you'd like to hearmore, feel free to email, as we would love to share the good news.

Maripat Abbott

Maripat Abbott (Mary's daughter)

My mother, Mary, will be 84 in August, and is very healthy and has been a keen influence on my own approach to natural healing. Up until last year, she has never been on a prescription medication, choosing to treat any malady with vitamins and herbs. So it was quite a shock to admit her to the emergency room last October after she had experienced a slight black out.She was diagnosed with COPD and emphysema, and instructed to use oxygen 24/7. As an 83-year-old woman with a history of perfect health who moves well and has a sharp mind, being tethered to an oxygen tank did not sit well. Her first words to me (out of earshot of the medical practitioners) were, "I’m going to get off this oxygen; I don't know how yet, but I will."

 She ordered the Himalyan Salt Inhaler around the end of February, 2009,  and began using it in March, 2009.  Using the Himalyan Salt Inhaler, combined with pranyama (Pranayama is a combination of the Sanskrit words Prana (life force) and ayama (control, mastering), and Pranayama breathing is a way to master the life force and use it to promote your own health) and prayer quickly got her Oxygen levels consistently up over 95, which she measures with the pulse oximeter, and she was able to get off oxygen during the day.  She now only uses oxygen at night only.  The Salt Inhaler is absolutely a contributor to her ability to get off oxygen.

"You know since I've had some challenges with my health due to stress, I started prioritizing my health and well being more seriously. I've learned so much about health and well being, so many things came along and I came across the healing benefits of what a Crystal Salt Lamp can do to us and our surroundings. I've spoken to a lot of suppliers and retailers because I was so intrigued and skeptic... then I came across Nature Artifacts, I order one Jumbo, two x-large and three larges. The details of the crystal lamps are outstanding, the texture and shapes are unique, a genuine master piece of nature's treasure, the customer service was right to the point and quick to reply, the delivery was on time... Nature's Artifacts offers genuine products and services! How do I describe my experience? nothing but Amazing!!! "

Ren Jin Lee, Hamilton, ON

Thank you so much, I received my salt inhaler yesterday, I used it last night, this morning and this evening. I did not use my inhaler for the first time this morning and I even climed three flights of stairs, how can I express my thanks!!!! Is there a website to let people know that this does work. I was prescribed a steriod inhaler by my doctor, but I wanted to try this first. I was not thrilled by using the steriod inhaler, all the side effects. If you could let me know if there is any way I could share my story, I would really appreciate it. It is so good to breathe and I want others to know that feeling.

Thank you

Jan Reding


I have been allergic to grass and dust for 15 years. I had attacks regularly even with medical treatments. I started using the Himalayan Salt Inhaler in September. Now my allergic reaction to dust is gone. I recommend the Inhaler to all allergies suffers.

M.J Walker

After the first time i used the Himalayan Salt Inhaler, I felt that my breating was easier and the airways to my lungs opened up. Even though i am health , i feel that ease when i breath.

Ms Taniya Zahoor

I am having much success with the Salt Inhaler. It is so wounderful to be using a natural healing product instead of those over the counter medication that always upset my tummy.

Janelle Lansley


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